Fee Structure


Crux Legal is unique in the business litigation field. Experience has revealed to Crux that the level of predictability businesses want and need in connection with business disputes largely is missing and unavailable. Crux exists to provide additional predictability to its clients, including cost predictability.

Knowledge, expertise and skill are important qualifications, but enormously difficult and stressful aspects of the litigation process are unknown cost and risk. Business lawsuits often are expensive, and, unfortunately, clients generally face the risk of open-ended fees. While no one can predict with 100% certainty how a lawsuit will progress, who will get involved, or how much work it will entail, Crux Legal believes there is more predictability than many think. More importantly, Crux puts its money where its beliefs are, and addresses cost uncertainty through set, and value-based fee options.

Crux Legal’s unique fee options start with a detailed discussion of client risks, opportunities, needs, options, and goals. Nontraditional fee structure options are then developed that are comprehensive and alleviate the uncertainty associated with traditional hourly fees. The proposals are then refined through additional discussion and evaluation, and, if one is ultimately agreed upon, serves as the basis for the engagement.